Beauty Bolton Treatments

We will soon have a range of beauty Bolton treatments available, but eyebrow shaping and waxing is our speciality.


Our eyebrows are a significant feature of our appearance. They give our faces detail, so it important to give them attention. The movements they make when we speak can help give meaning to what we are saying. Why did we keep this little bit of hair over our eyes as evolution evolved? Beauty BoltonScientists are not altogether sure, but they are useful when it comes to keeping sweat and moisture out of our eyes. The arch shape diverts the moisture down to the sides of our face.

Some people prefer to shave their eyebrows off completely. As you can see this is not a good idea as they protect the eyes and aid our visibility. This is important when averting sweat elsewhere, because the salt in sweat can irritate the eyes significantly.

Therefore, it is a must to keep our eyebrows, so lifting and shaping them properly will help frame the face. Not everyone is creative enough to shape eyebrows themselves, which is why Samantha’s Hair and Nails offer this service to our clients at beauty bolton.

Types of Eyebrow Treatment

Depilation – This is the first step in shaping eyebrows and defines their natural shape and removes any unwanted hairs. Depilation techniques include tweezing & waxing.

Tinting – Tinting your eyebrows is perfect for those who have fair hairs, which will give them a stronger, defined look. Tints are tested to make sure they match your skin tone and colour, keeping that natural look. This is great for those clients who have changed their natural hair colour, and would like their eyebrows to match.

High Definition – This is a little more expensive than the treatments mentioned above, but are very popular with celebrities. The treatment consists of waxing above and below the eyebrow to define the line of the brow. After this re-shaping, a tint will be applied to the eyebrows if required. Clients usually choose this for special occasions creating the illusion of a higher brow definition.

Shaping – This treatment involves tidying up the eyebrows by plucking with tweezers. Sometimes it can consist of a complete reshape and trimming to suit an individual’s face.

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