Samantha the Hair Stylist in the Salon

Samantha has been styling hair since leaving school. She started out as junior hair stylist in a local salon, where she trained to become a fully qualified hairdressers Bolton. After 13 years working in the salon, she decided it was time to start up a business of her own. Samantha had considered many options, before she stumbled up the Newland’s Building, where her salon is to this day.

Being able to say after all these years that you still enjoy the job you do is a great achievement. Samantha is happy with her business, and the building she works in giving the salon a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Staying passionate to your job and clients is better when you can share this experience with a colleague. This is when Samantha decided to hire a nail technician named Ellen. They share the same goals making them an excellent team when it comes to making their clients feel welcome and at ease.

Our Nail Technician at Hairdressers Bolton

Has been working as a nail technician for 13 years, helping her to gain much experience in the trade. She started her career at just 16 years of age, and worked with the same employer until she had learned all the skills and gained all the qualification needed. Given the opportunity to go self-employed over a year ago at Samantha’s Hair and Nails. She now rents a room in the same building, and has never looked back.

Her skills range from nails, hands and feet. With her flare for creativity and skill, she will be able to improve the appearance and condition of nails in the correct way. With our nail technicians time and expertise, your nails will be looking great in no time at all.

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