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Nail Salon Parking

No matter where you are driving to in your car, finding a place to park can sometimes be a stressful time. We understand how important this is to our clients at hair design Bolton, so we have an on-site car parking area. For added security we have CCTV cameras all around the vicinity of the car park at Bolton hairdressers.

If you had to pay to park your car somewhere else, it could be miles away and cost you a fortune. An added bonus to our clients for parking with us, is that we let you park your car in our grounds for FREE at Bolton hairdressers.Bolton hairdressers

So, if the weather is raining or it’s freezing cold in the middle of winter, you can park right outside the Bolton hairdressers salon’s doors. Another worry is getting your newly styled hair wet or blown about in our wonderful British weather. Parking right outside will limit the damage our weather can bring.

Not many hair salons have on site parking facilities, why park and have to walk to your salon when you can park virtually outside the front door. There are also other business and a good restaurant at our site so you also have the option to use the other facilities during your visit, with no parking fees to pay. Book an appointment at our Bolton hairdressers and take advantage of this great opportunity, all in the knowledge you can be assured your vehicle will be in the safety place possible with CCTV security.

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