Hairdresser Bolton Has Lots of Services

If you are not sure what hair style you would like our experienced staff are always on hand to offer advice about styles and colours.
Listed below is a range of hair services that we provide, also. More information about each service can be found by clicking on the relevant link, our hairdresser Bolton salon has lots of services available.

Mobile Hair Bolton

Do you want to have your eyebrows and hair professionally done, but can’t get to the salon. No need to worry, because our salon provides a mobile service, too. One of our qualified hair stylists and beauty technicians are on hand to visit you in your own at a time that suits you. Book in the usual way, either by phone or online booking letting the salon know you prefer a mobile visit, and they will be happy to discuss any arrangements with you at our hairdresser Bolton.

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Ombre Hair

You may be interested in having Ombre hair, but not sure what it is. Basically, it’s just a graduation of colour either from light to dark, or dark to light. This may be a good idea if you don’t always get the time to have your roots touched-up. It is an easy style to keep, and cheaper than having a full head dye.

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Cut and Finish Services

We provide our clients with every aspect of hair cutting and finishing treatments. This may include a stylish hair cut to just a trim. The whole family can benefit from our products, as we are a unisex salon. When your hair is ready for tidying up or a complete change of style, come to Bolton hairdressing and never look back.

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Hair Colouring Services

Using the highest quality products is very important when applying colour to hair, as cheap hair dye can cause unsatisfactory results. Our Bolton hair styling salon only uses top quality Wella colour products on our clients’ hair.

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Hair Straightening Services

Are you tired of frizzy unmanageable hair? If so, book an appointment at our hairdresser Bolton. The heat of GHD’s every day can be damaging to your hair, so why not try our new kinder hair treatment.

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La Brasilian Services

Our revolutionary new ‘La Brasilian’ hair treatment is guaranteed to soften, relax and tame that unruly frizz. Once treated your hair will be soft, shiny and wonderfully healthy, with results lasting for several months.

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Perm Services

Perms have come a long way in recent years, and offer a great way to enhance the natural texture or curl of your hair. We only use the latest Wella products and techniques, to create the latest in low maintenance hair styles.

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Male Styling Services

Stylish haircuts are not just for ladies, as we offer top quality male hairdressing in a wide range of colours, treatments and styles. We also have our very own traditional Barber service, if you prefer the more formal and professional look.

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