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Using the right product on your hair when applying colour is very important. A cheap hair dye will not give the best results, which is why our hair colouring Bolton salon uses only high quality Wella colour on our clients’ hair.

Wella’s Koleston Perfect is one of the best known cream hair colours. It was invented in 1950, but although other permanent hair colours have come and gone, Koleston Perfect has stood the test of time and it is still the product of choice in millions of hair salons today.Hair Colouring Bolton

Wella is always working to improve their products. The improvements made to Koleston Perfect range gives an unbeatable performance, especially when it is used with Welloxon Perfect Cream Peroxide. The days of dry and over-processed hair are over, and modern hair colours add shine and condition to hair better than ever. Our clients now enjoy beautiful, rich colours from natural browns to vibrant shades, such as red and blonde. Wella colour products have a pleasant scent that will mask any remnants of ammonia. You will find that the cheaper hair dyes will leave that unpleasant smell behind.

Hair Colouring Bolton Styles

If you do not want a permanent colour put on your hair, we offer a wide selection of semi-permanent shade from our Colour Touch Range. These are made from natural ingredients, adding shine and deep conditioning from inside out. They will keep your hair looking stunning for several weeks. So, no need to commit to a permanent dye straight away, just try a shade from Colour Touch and when you feel ready we can apply the more permanent colour.

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If you are not sure which colour will suit, come along for a free consultation and some friendly advice before you make an appointment at hair colouring Bolton.