Olaplex Treatment Service

For many people who come to get their hair dealt with, the fear of the colouring not working out or even damaging the hair puts a lot of individuals off attempting such a drastic conversion of their looks. However, with the help of the right planning and preparation this problem can become a thing of the past! Thanks to the introduction of a new Olaplex Bolton colour treatment service, our salon can now make sure that you stay safer and more comfortable than ever before.

How Can Olaplex Bolton Colour Treatment Help?

It’s quite simple, really!

When it comes to using an Olaplex Bolton treatment residents can rely upon our staff to deliver it in a safe and concise manner. The simple change to the ingredients being used along with our normal colour treatment plans means that there is far less chance of any damage or negative Olaplex Boltonresponse from your hair.

Created by the fantastic Dean Christal, this was put together with the help of Dr Eric Pressly and Craig Hawker, PhDs in Materials and Chemistry respectively. As a trio, they created the Olaplex Bolton Hair Treatment which is now openly available with our team.

It helps by offering a single ingredient added into normal hair changing cosmetics, used to re-connect the bonds which are broken by using a permanent hair colouring and/or lightening product. Free of oils, aldehydes and parabens this can be the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience an easy and effective solution to their hair changing woes.

As far as proper treatment goes, Olaplex Bolton Hair Treatment is designed to give you the most reliable selection that you could ever need. Built around offering something fresh and away from the dangers of normal cosmetics, this new hair treatment option has the entire cosmetics world in conversation.


The sales of the product have been excellent, sure, but the real reason it’s so commonly spoken of is its effectiveness. This simple ingredient free of all traditional problems that hair cosmetics can hold, this is built upon hours of hard work and commitment to creating a new product to improve the quality of the colour, the strength of the dye and even the shine that it gives off in the end.

All of this, when used properly, gives you all the help that you need in transforming your approach to your hair. Rather than watching your hair become diluted and run the risk of damaging it permanently you can now benefit from our Olaplex Bolton treatment centre which will go through the whole process and correct any issues that we find along the way.

Our new service is just what those who want vibrant and attractive permanent hair colouring completed needs – for more information, drop in and see us or contact us HERE!