LA Brasiliana Treatment

The LA Brasiliana Bolton Zero Keratin with collagen hair treatment is a revolutionary new way to soften and relax curls and tame that frizz. So, if you wake up every morning to face a hair nightmare in the bathroom mirror, the LA Brasiliana hair treatment at the hairdressing Bolton salon is definitely the right one for you.

The LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin collagen hair treatment can quite literally transform your hair. Its primary ingredient is keratin, which is a very important protein found in skin, nails and hair. Keratin helps to keep your hair shiny, healthy and silky smooth, while the extra added collagen restores your hair’s elasticity.La Brasiliana Bolton

LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin is very different from other hair straightening products available, in other hairdressing Bolton salons. Instead of changing the molecular structure of the hair to tame frizz and relax curls, LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin restores the vitality of dry and damaged hair, by conditioning the hair shaft from the inside out.

The LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin with collagen hair treatment, is suitable for all types of hair including coloured and bleached hair, chemically treated hair, permed, relaxed, straightened and highlighted hair.

La Brasiliana Bolton Procedure

It can take up to four hours to apply the LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin treatment, depending on how long and thick the hair is. Although, we should be able to give you a better idea of time frames prior to your appointment. Once the product has been applied to the hair, the moisture is sealed in with a flat iron. You will be able to see the positive results immediately.

Once your hair has been treated with the LA Brasiliana Bolton Zero Keratin with collagen product, it will be soft, shiny and wonderfully healthy in appearance. Instead of fighting to tame wild hair every day, you can look forward to a stress free hairstyle that is no longer affected by rain, sweat or humidity.

Clients who have had the LA Brasiliana Bolton Zero Keratin with collagen treatment, find that the time required to style their hair is significantly reduced. Their hair becomes far more manageable as a result.

Results from the LA Brasiliana Zero Keratin with collagen treatment, normally last for between two and four months. If the treatment is carried out regularly, your hair will soon begin to show a positive improvement in condition, over time.

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