Hair Perm Styles

Modern perms have come a long way from the kind of treatment you would have had twenty years ago. Instead of tight poodle curls, you can now enjoy subtle waves and curls that enhance the natural curl or texture of your hair. Instead of a dated throwback to the 80s, you can now look stylish and smart with the aid of a modern perm at perm Bolton.

Waves and curls can add body and texture to straight hair and a perm is great for creating volume and movement into otherwise flat and lifeless hair. Our hairdressing Bolton salon uses the latest products and most up to date techniques to create subtle and flattering results lasting between twelve and sixteen weeks.Perm Bolton

A perm Bolton can be used for a variety of reasons. Girls with poker straight hair can have a perm to add bouncing curls and waves and girls with fine hair can add movement and texture to their hair. Subtle waves and gentle curls can greatly enhance long hair, but also look great on shorter styles, such as the bob. Perms can also add curls and waves to limp and flat hair, thus creating greater volume and movement, to help you achieve a more versatile range of styles for your hair

The latest perm Bolton styles for hair are very low maintenance and easy to look after. For those who are short on time, but still want a stylish and sophisticated hairstyle, this would be ideal. Modern perm products and technologies are also very safe and kind to the hair. So you do not need to worry about the prospect of ruining your hair with harsh chemicals that damage and dry the hair out.

Please be aware that there are factors that could affect the perming process, such as the condition of your hair. This is why it is a must that you arrange a consultation with one of our hair stylists, before committing to anything. If you would still like a perm in the future, we can advise you on how to get your hair ready for perming. So, you do not have to worry, it can be done, but just at a later date.

If you bring a photo to show us what style you would like, we cannot guarantee it will come out exactly as the picture. The thickness of your hair may vary to the models, which will alter the finished look.

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Having read the above paragraphs, please note that perms are not suitable for everyone, so a consultation must be booked prior to having a perm. For more information about perms, please contact the hairdresser perm Bolton salon today.