Straighten your Hair

Say goodbye to frizzy and unmanageable hair with the Wellastrate hair straightening Bolton treatment.

Aside from a wide selection of cut and colour treatments, our hairdressing Bolton salon can also offer you a permanent straightening solution for frizzy or curly hair. It is designed to create beautiful sleek and straight hair that will last between twelve and sixteen weeks. Although wavy or curly hair can look very attractive, not everyone wants to have wild and unmanageable hair. Some people prefer the thought of having sleek, sophisticated, straight shining hair. So, if you have to fight a daily battle to tame your hair, Wellastrate hair straightening is the perfect treatment for you.

Hair Straightening Bolton Products

In order to achieve the best hair straightening Bolton results on curly, wavy or frizzy hair, we only use Wellastrate products. Wellastrate is a new straightening technique made by Wella hair care, and it is designed to help tame rebellious and wavy hair. Wellastrate comes in two different strengths; mild for porous, damaged, coloured or highlighted hair and intense for resistant or normal hair.Hair Straightening Bolton

Instead of subjecting your hair to the damaging heat of GHDs every day, try a new and kinder straightening treatment for your wayward hair. The Wellastrate straightening treatment is far gentler to your hair than traditional chemical relaxants or heated hair straighteners.

Wellastrate can also be used in conjunction with Wella Colour Touch if you want to add some gentle colour as well as regain control of your hair. The colour and straightening process can be managed in one easy step, thus leaving you with beautifully straight hair full of rich colour that will last for between three and four months.

This product for straightening unruly hair has many positive reviews, just by people using it at home. Image the results you could have with a professional stylist. At least you won’t have to decide which strength to use. The hard work is done by our trained hairdressers, for that sleek, straight hairstyle you have always dreamed of. It is definitely a must for people who want straight hair.

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Wellastrate is not suitable for everyone, so a consultation prior to the treatment is advisable. For more information on the Wellastrate hair straightening treatment, give the hair straightening Bolton salon a call today.