About our Hair & Nail Salon in Bolton

Hairdressing Salons Bolton offers a unisex service. So why not bring all your family, including the boys, and get their hair cut-men at the same time. Our team will always welcome you with their friendly smiles, whether you are wanting a quick trim or a complete make-over. The stylists at our salon are always happy to help, especially if you are not sure what style you are wanting. Maybe you are thinking of changing the colour of your hair for a totally different look, so don’t delay and talk to our stylists.

When you enter our hairdressing salons Bolton, you will feel instantly at home, because we pride ourselves in our relaxing atmosphere. We treat all our clients with a personal, unique and friendly service. We know that you are individuals, so we will not force anything on to you that you are not extremely happy with. This means you will get a one-to-one pamper session to make you feel special.

Each one of our hairdressing and nail art products are top of the range, high quality brands. We aim to make you feel like a million dollars after treatment, as you walk out of our hairdressing salons Bolton.

Hairdressing Salons Bolton Key Features

Our hairdressing salons Bolton salon is located in a beautiful building in the converted loft. It’s full of quirky features that gives the salon a great, relaxing character.

In the grounds of the salon, we have plenty of excellent parking space, so no worries about finding somewhere to park your car. The last thing you need is to get stressed out before a pampering session appointment, when you can’t find a parking space.

Our salon is also conveniently situation next to a wonderful Retreat Restaurant. The next time you book an appointment to have you hair and nails done professionally, you can then show them off whilst having a snack and a glass or two of the finest wine.

Hairdressing salons Bolton has lots of services to offer in both our hair styling and nail art treatments. We provide cuts, restyling, perms, colours, hair makeovers, acrylic nails, nail art and so much more. If you need more information about what we can do to make you feel special, please contact us for a consultation.

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