Setting the Tone for Getting Thicker Hair

Are you looking to find a means of making thinner hair thicken up? Using our how to get thick hair guide will show you the perfect means of getting thicker hair starting from today. What can be a long and challenging effort, though, can be made a little simpler if you just follow these easy to work with steps in accelerating growth

Setting the Tone How to Get Thick Hair

How to get thick hair, first off, stop using chemical based products in your hair. Get rid of any cleaning agent that is using either laureth sulfates or sodium laurel; both are bad for the hair. They strip away many of our important natural oils that help to make our hair stay fine and thick. If you use these kind of products, you are asking for your hair to begin to lose some of that lustre and class, which is not how to get thick hair.

Make sure that you always take the time to wash your hair at the right times, too. Washing it every day is not needed and this kind of excessive washing actually can reduce the chances of getting thicker hair. Our scalps are producing natural oils that help to protect our hair from damage anyway, so we don’t need to try and force that

Instead if you need to know how to get thick hair, try and cut your washing schedule down to 2-3 times per week. If you really feel dirty doing, then use dry shampoos on the mornings where you will be leaving your hair to its own devices and not washing it. Excessive washing, though, is just as bad as never washing it and allowing build-up to occur, at least in terms of getting thicker hair.

Turn to Essential Oils for Getting Thicker Hair

The best way to speed up the process – outside of changing your lifestyle habits, in most cases – is using smart essential oils. Turn to coconut oil, lavender and cedar wood as they are the most readily available and effective of the hair growth solutions on the market. All you need to do is add around 10 drops of oil onto our scalp and work it into your hair using your fingers. If you would rather do it all at once, just add a few drops of the essential oil that you want to use into the shampoo or conditioner that you prefer using.

Coconut oil, though, is probably the best product how to get thick hair. It makes it much easier for you to take care of your hair, offering an easy way to get a better quality of hair. If you intend on using conditioner, too, then mix in some castor or olive oil into 10 drops of essential oil and rub that in, too. Doing this, you can help to speed up the growing rate of hair. Let it sit for about half an hour and voila!

Do this on a semi-regular basis as we said and you should begin to notice that the path to getting thicker hair just became a whole lot easier to deal with.

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