Straightening out Frizzy Hair with Simplicity

Living with frizzy hair can be, at times, a bit of a nightmare. If you have ever had to try and straighten or smoothen frizzy hair, then you no doubt realize the marathon that it can turn into. If you would rather make it a sprint, then follow how to smooth frizzy hair to help make sure you are left with straightened out hair with ease.

Start off by washing your hair using a specific kind of moisturizing the shampoo. Frizzy hair usually caused by dryness and/or humidity so the more moisture you can add into your hair, the better. Make sure you use any sulphate-free solution, too, as sulphate shampoos contribute to dryness and frizz.

How to smooth frizzy hair

Next how to smooth frizzy hair, you have to get some conditioner and begin a regular bout of conditioning. Look for any kind of glycerin-based how-to-smooth-frizzy-hairconditioners that you can use as they help the most with straightening out a frizz. When you start to apply any kind of conditioner to your hair, you should avoid going for the roots as it can make your hair look flat; instead concentrate on the ends of your hair alone.

As ever, let any conditioner used sit for a few moments before washing it off.

Once you have gone for a shower and you have used your conditioner etc., you should look to use an air drying solution to let your hair dry off post-shower. Air drying makes nothing like the same kind of dryness as using a hairdryer, which can be a major culprit in causing that frizz you hate so much.

Simply using a towel can help you to soak up excess dampness so that you can sit and let it dry out naturally. Also, let it lie down and don’t tie it up with a towel – it’s likely to cause hair damage if you do so.

Getting the Straight Look

Now that you have given your hair the habitat that it needs to be able to straightened and smoothed out, get a flat iron for the next stage of how to smooth frizzy hair. While we don’t want to use the heat from the iron too much as it can promote frizz once again, the heat from a curling iron does something a little different.

They help to seal our cuticles shut with their heat, which means that your hair is then unlikely to be annoyed by the factors that make it frizz in the first place.

Then, using the flat iron, you can begin to style and shape the hair to suit whatever fashion style you want to go for. If you have the money and want to be extra-safe about your hair, then get a heat protector for your hair and use that before using the flat iron to help avoid any heat-based damage from occurring over time.

If you use the above tips and tricks, then you should be more likely to have a frizzy set of hair that is going to both go smooth and stylish without you having to put too much work or effort in afterward.

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