The Simple Solution to Damage-Free Hair When Washing

For anyone at home trying to keep their hair in top-notch condition, you need to be using the right kind of How To Wash Your Hairequipment. If you are looking to find a means of how to wash your hair to prevent excessive damage, then this how to wash your hair guide should help you make that possible.

The first thing that you need to do, though, is invest in a hand-held shower tool. This makes it easier to wash your hair quickly and easily, and also makes it easier for you to wash specific parts of your hair. If you already have then one you are on the right track!

What else, though, should you look to try invest in?

How to wash your hair

Start off by brushing your hair thoroughly, getting rid of tangles and knots. Tangle-free hair is much less painful to wash but it also greatly reduces the chance of any damage taking place afterward. So, start off by bringing your now tangle-free hair down, leaning yourself over a basin, sink, bath, whatever you use. Wet your hair as best you can, so that it’s as damp as you can manage it. Make sure you get every part of your hair.

Now, take your shampoo of choice and add a small pea-sized amount to your palm. Rub it into your hands to lather and then rub it into your hair, getting into your scalp as much as you can as you rub.

Rub this into your hair with a gentle massage, doing this for about a minute to help ensure it reaches as many slots as it can. Once you are done here, you need to drop the water temperature to a lukewarm level and give your hair a thorough rinse until no soap is present in your hair any longer.

This can take about five minutes, so take the time to work your hair as much as you can. The longer you rinse, the better, so you cannot take ‘too long’ here!

Maximizing the Quality of your Hair via Washing

Now, be sure to grab some conditioner and leave it in your hair for about 2-3 minutes to let it really settle in. If you allow it to set in and settle, then it’s more likely to give you a positive response. Our how to wash your hair guide will ensure your maximum quality hair.

Now get the temperature down on the water and begin rinsing again, doing so for 2-3 minutes. Get some cold water when you are done – properly cold water – and rinse your scalp with it clearly. This closes down hair cuticles and makes it easier to add a bit of volume and shine to your hair when you are done.

Finish up with a simple combing of your hair and, if you have any, some leave-in conditioner for that final touch of class and shine. Have a look and see what you think when you are finished and this might just deliver what you’ve been looking for in terms of hair consistency and quality.

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