Acrylic Nail Salon Services

Looking for that perfect, girly pampering session? Maybe you are going on a great night out and need your nails done. Then why not book an appointment with us to get acrylic nails Bolton added to your own, existing nails. Acrylic nails Bolton treatments will help improve the look of your own nails, instantaneously. Some of us have ugly broken or bitten nails, so why not enjoy the benefits of having our acrylic nails fixed, and let your hands look beautiful again.acrylic nails bolton

Our acrylic nail treatment is guaranteed to last for about two to three weeks, as long as you are careful with them. They are durable and long lasting, helping to strengthen your own nails at the same time. If your nail structure needs rebalancing, we can also use infill and backfill to keep them strong. False nails Bolton are sculpted to any length or shape, depending on your own individual preferences.

Acrylic nails Bolton treatments will last for about an hour, unless you need a more complex treatment, which of course takes longer. Once your appointment has been booked we can make a more accurate timescale. You can have acrylic nails fixed on to your own nails from the age of 13 years old. May be you have a teenage daughter who has a birthday coming up. Why not book her an appointment to be pampered with an acrylic nail treatment.

Why Choose Acrylic Nails Bolton

If you are wanting to add a little glamour into your life, why not do this by getting some acrylic nails. If you feel tired after a long week at work, or feel somewhat fed up or have been feeling a little out of sorts, book to have your nails done. When you look great, you feel great.

Been a bit stressed out a lately? Want some ME time? Then why not book an appointment with us to have your nails done, and at the same time get your hair cut, restyled or even coloured. Let us know what you need when you are booking a hair appointment, so that we can manage both of treatments at the same time. As long as we get plenty of notice, we can arrange anything at acrylic nails Bolton.