Nail Art Salon

Nail art Bolton designs last as long as acrylic nails, which is around two or three weeks. This makes nail art a fun way to add some glamour to your hands or feet in anticipation of a night out or special event.Nail Art Bolton

We can offer several different nail art designs, ranging from the simple through to the more complex. Jazz up a party outfit with some sparkling diamante jewels on your nails or have some trendy crackle designs added to your acrylic nails. Nail art is the ultimate in girly glamour nail treatments. For the best in Hollywood nails Bolton, book a nail art appointment and see just how fabulous your nails can be, with the addition of some extra special artistic effects.

Nail art is suitable for everyone aged 13 years and older. Designs can be purely random or to suit a special outfit or colour choice. You can choose from one of our popular nail art designs, or we can match your nail art design to your handbag or party dress. We can even make your nails match your favourite football team, if there is an important match on the horizon.

Nail Art Bolton, Book an appointment

For some fantastic nail art ideas, visit the salon to see what nail art designs we can offer. You can book an appointment to have nail art in your lunch hour or after work, or alternatively, book an appointment for someone special to have their nails transformed with nail art Bolton as a special gift or treat.

If you need any further information about nail art Bolton or any other nail treatments, give the salon a call today and ask for a nail art consultation. We can achieve the perfect nail art design to suit your style, you will not be disappointed.