Polish Pro Nail Treatments

Polish Pro Bolton treatment is the ultimate in fast nail treatments, as it only takes around twenty-five minutes from start to finish. We only use the very best quality NSI products and in no time at all, you will have beautiful and glamorous nails to rival any Hollywood star.

The Polish Pro Bolton treatment can easily be fitted into your lunch hour, so make an appointment and by the time you head back to work for the afternoon, your nails will be perfection. Or if you have time, book a hair appointment at the same time and we can transform your nails while you have your hair cut and coloured.polish pro bolton

We have a great range of nail polish colours and once a colour has been applied, you do not have to wait ages for the polish to dry. Your nails will be ready within minutes once placed under a UV lamp. Nail polish applied in one of our excellent value Polish Pro treatments will not crack, smudge or lift and will even help your natural nails to grow by protecting the nail plate.

Once you are ready for a change, the nail polish can be quickly removed using an acetone nail polish remover, leaving no lasting damage to the natural nail beneath. Polish pro treatments are suitable for hands and feet and are therefore the perfect year round nail treatment; in summer enjoy beautiful sandal ready feet and in winter glam up those nails for the Christmas party season.

Why choose Polish Pro Bolton

For the best nail design Polish Pro Bolton treatments, book a consultation today and let us transform your nails from everyday boring to impossibly glamorous. You can accessorise any party outfit with a matching colour of nail polish. Bring along any item and we will find the perfect nail polish to suit.

What is Polish Pro?

  • Perfect for protecting soft nails prone to peeling and breaking.
  • The base coat is designed specifically for soft nails that break easily.
  • The Endure base coat allows weak nails to enjoy all the benefits and shades of Polish Pro.
  • Will last up to 3 times longer than other natural nail treatments.
  • Is UV and LED curable, preventing long drying times.
  • Removes easily with acetone.